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Splashjet releases new Canon-compatible inks

September 11, 2017

The Indian-based ink manufacturer has created a new line of inks for use in Canon Pixma Ink Tank printers.

The independent inkjet ink producer’s latest press release was dedicated to the launching of this new range of Photo-Jet® CND-G Series inks, which have been designed to be compatible with Canon Pixma Ink Tank printers. Splashjet explains that the inks “offer performance comparable with the OEM inks at significant cost advantage”.

Both pigmented black inks and dye-based colour inks are available, with their own unique benefits. The pigmented inks ensure crisp text, high-density blacks, waterproof prints on uncoated media and a long print-head life.

Meanwhile the dye-based colour inks will provide customers with vivid prints “on a wide variety of media, making printing colour documents and photos fun.”

Splashjet also revealed that this new Photo-Jet® series “can be used as refill ink with the Canon Pixma Ink Tank printer models”. The compatibility list of printer models is divided into regions as below.

Asia Pacific:  Pixma G1000, Pixma G2000, Pixma G3000, Pixma G4000 (OEM Ink Code GI – 790),

South America:  MAXX TINTA G1100, MAXX TINTA G2100, MAXX TINTA G3100, MAXX TINTA G3102 Garrafa de tinta GI-190 B Preto, Garrafa de tinta GI-190 C Ciano, Garrafa de tinta GI-190 M Magenta, Garrafa de tinta GI-190 Y Amarelo

North America: Pixma G1200, Pixma G2200, Pixma G3200, Pixma G4200 (USA) (OEM Ink Code – GI 290)

Middle East & Africa: Pixma G1400, Pixma G2400, Pixma G3400, Pixma G4400 (OEM Ink code – GI 490)

Europe:  Pixma G1500, Pixma G2500, Pixma G3500, Pixma G4500 (OEM Ink code – GI 590)

Splashjet’s co-founder, Mr Gaurav, stated: “At Splashjet we believe in offering the inks with a difference. Be it Performance, Reliability or Consistency, Splashjet walks all the way to offer you the best. Our extensive focus on innovation helps us to deliver outstanding Inkjet Inks consistently.”


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