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SPEED Infotech “very glad” to partner Armor

July 24, 2018

The Chinese-based inkjet remanufacturer has shed light on its recently announced partnership with Armor Office Printing.

This week, SPEED Infotech had offered its own perspective on the new strategic alliance with Armor Office Printing, a European producer of multi-brand inkjet cartridges.

According to SPEED, this move “represents a real boost for the circular economy as both companies are committed to the collection, production and marketing of remanufactured cartridges.”

SPEED Infotech and Armor are establishing a partnership which is designed to reinforce their presence in the European inkjet cartridge production and collection market for retail customers. As part of the agreement, SPEED Infotech is providing access to its ink cartridge production capacity according to Armor’s patent compliance and quality requirements whilst Armor is contributing its entity that manages the collection of empty cartridges based in the Netherlands.

“SPEED Infotech is very glad to enter into the partnership with Armor Office Printing,” states Benjamin Young, CEO of SPEED Infotech. “SPEED aspires to become a global remanufactured inkjet cartridge production centre. This alliance will undoubtedly bring SPEED growth in production volume, continuous improvement in quality, and more importantly, further confidence in R&D investment likewise. SPEED will continue to serve all its customers around the world, with the benefits of further enhanced comprehension and delivery of product quality to the highest industry standards thanks to the alliance.”

Established in 2001, SPEED Infotech has asserted its commitment to being a reliable and respected company in the global remanufacturing industry. Over the past eighteen years, the accumulated volume of remanufactured inkjet cartridges produced and marketed by SPEED has reached 100 million pieces. Currently, SPEED has a R&D and production centre in Beihai China, with the sales unit based in Shanghai, and a service centre in the Czech Republic.

SPEED is the first company to obtain approval from the China National Bureau of Quality Inspection to import used printer consumables in China.



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