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Speed Infotech keeps the inspectors busy

June 1, 2020

The inspectors have been busy at Speed Infotech as the company has been awarded ISO50001: Energy Management System and the Carbon Footprint Certificate.

Speed Infotech (BEIHAI) Co., Ltd.  (Speed) recently announced that following a successful inspection in accordance to the standard ISO14067, they are one of the first companies in the consumable remanufacturing industry to receive the Carbon Footprint Certificate.

The inspection institution conducted the Product Carbon Footprint Certification in the areas of greenhouse gases, the carbon footprint of products and the requirements and guidelines for quantification.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) refers to the total amount of direct and indirect greenhouse gases released by a product during its life cycle, that is, the accumulation of various greenhouse gas emissions for individual product from “cradle to gate”.

Speed commented: “The inspection institution collected data for the whole life cycle of remanufactured cartridge products, and comprehensively calculated the carbon footprint from various dimensions to ensure the accuracy of the data. The results show that a remanufactured ink cartridge produced 30 % of the carbon emissions of a brand-new cartridge, as well as, 0.5 % of a mobile phone.

The carbon footprint of Speed covers its entire global value chain, from suppliers to resellers and millions of customers worldwide. The insight through this process will help Speed to continually improve and create positive and sustainable impact on the planet where we live, work and do business.”

ISO50001: Energy Management System

The company was also inspected for their energy management system certification in accordance to the standard ISO50001: Energy Management System. Speed met the required standards and was awarded the ISO50001 Energy Management System Certificate.

Speed commented “The energy management system is implemented by establishing a complete management system to manage energy. It included energy policy, energy target, energy index, energy efficiency and energy consumption. Energy management systems can help companies set energy targets and take steps to improve energy performance.

The certification results show that the comprehensive energy consumption per unit of output value is 3.363kgce/ten thousand yuan, which is much lower than other manufacturing enterprises.

In the future, Speed will continue to strengthen the construction of the energy management system, strictly implement the energy management program, and integrate the concept of green manufacturing and energy conservation into every production link.”


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