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Spearink reveals new toner refilling machine

August 31, 2016

The new Lion refilling machine

The new Lion refilling machine

The Egyptian company’s colour version of its Lion device will be launched in 2017.

The toner refilling machine was announced by the company’s CEO, Essam Hashem, on LinkedIn, with the machine said to feature “safe and clean refilling for colour laser”, as well as a “vacuum and air filtering system”, “dust removal cabinets and toner cleaning workstations”. The machine also has a “simple user interface” alongside an “external compressor unit”, while there is also a “moving table for toner distributed in cartridge[s]”.

A “weight sensor for adjusting toner volume” is also included, with “automatic tools and [a] screwdriver”, and Spearink pointed out that “you don’t need to carry [the] toner cartridge from one place to another during [the] cleaning and refilling process”. An air gun forming part of the machine also “provides a smooth and fine cleaning of toner cartridges”, while the Lion device is also said to have “very low operation[al] costs and [is] easy to learn”.

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