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Spanish remanufacturers gather at Static Control event

June 30, 2015

HP's Catalina Niscoveanu addresses the delegates

HP’s Catalina Niscoveanu addresses the delegates

Static Control, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components, hosted another roadshow event in Madrid, Spain, for local toner recyclers and channel partners.

Javier Gesualdo, Static Control’s Barcelona-based Regional Sales Manager, introduced and oversaw the seminar, telling the audience that remanufactured cartridges are an excellent eco-product as they are “the only recycled product that is sold for a lot less than the original”. He emphasised the need to “value your product” and consider the added value the remanufacturers’ products bring, particularly as remanufacturer’s face competition from cheaper clone options.

He emphasised the need to offer the standard service plus extra incentives to the customer, while removing their prejudices against the aftermarket. ETIRA’s Vincent van Dijk also gave a talk on clones and there were a number of practical demonstrations from Static Control’s technical team about how to use and get the best results utilising their ColorControl components.

Alejandro Casillas, Customer Support Technician, gave a technical demonstration on the different elements of remanufacturing a toner cartridge, using a colour cartridge for the HP CP2025 printer, which can be converted for use in the HP M451 and M476 machines. He also spoke about how easily the Lexmark CS/CX 310/410/510 models can be remanufactured, which share their toner refill method with the Lexmark C540 family. He recommended using Static Control’s technical website for searching for a needed part or for advice on how to perform a certain stage.

Andrew Gardner, Worldwide Brand Protection Manager at Lexmark, spoke about the manufacturer’s efforts to tackle counterfeiting of its products and its perspective on the aftermarket, including the seizure of 13,000 items of packaging and parts in Turkey in May 2015.

He said during the break: “It’s an opportunity for us to speak to the remanufacturers and for them to speak to us.”

Speaking on behalf of HP was Catalina Niscoveanu, from the Inkjet Supplies Marketing Programmes, talking about patent infringement and the OEM’s legal actions across the world. She encouraged the delegates to use their “common sense” and urge suppliers to provide products that do not infringe patents, and was asked at the end to clarify where HP stood on the aftermarket, and replied that it was happy to have the competition, but that the OEM would fight any infringements.

One of the delegates, Jose Tomás Mascaraque, from Valencia-based consumables supplier Gettsec, said the “Spanish philosophy” is all about price, with customers often buying the cheapest option of Chinese imitations. Daniel Vietes Fernández, from Infordermo, a remanufacturer based in the northern state of Asturias, similarly said the market was “plagued by Chinese cartridges” and that the conference had impressed on him the need to compete with the OEMs.

You can read a full report from the event in a future issue of The Recycler.

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