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Solutions for Windows printer problems

October 3, 2016

Frequent Windows printer problems were discussed by Yahoo Tech. troubleshooter

The article noted that printer problems do occur and that a physical check-up is always worthwhile, but that if it’s Windows that is causing the problem, there are some effective solutions to get the printer working again. After checking that the printer does not have to “manually be switched on”, and that there is not a paper jam or the printer is not plugged in, it is suggested that the printer and computer are turned off and then back on again, and if that fails to run the “printer troubleshooter”.

The article noted that Windows 10 has a specific troubleshooter for printers and can automatically fix the issues, and this can be found on the Microsoft support page. You need to select “run the troubleshooter” which will automatically start and search for errors, and if it finds any it will “report” them to the user. If the problem is the driver, the article advises users to go to the top of the page on the troubleshoot programme, and enter “device and printers” then from the list select the printer and select “remove device”.

Once this is done, the user should select reinstall printer, and Windows should automatically find a new driver, but if it does not look, consumers are advised to look for one on the “device website” and follow the installation instructions. The troubleshooter may also suggest “automatic solutions” and updates or “new drivers” to fix the problems.

Once this is done, the computer will need to be restarted to see if the problem is fixed. The article also noted that if an “error message” comes up to “take note of the error”, as it gives “valuable clues” where to “look next” in the ”network or system”.




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