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Software launched to aid environmental compliance

February 4, 2015

LLorax Complianceorax Compliance announces new cloud-based software to make EPR compliance easier for manufacturers.

Lorax Compliance, a new UK-based environmental compliance solutions provider, has announced a cloud-based software solution that will enable manufacturers worldwide to more easily comply with global extended produced responsibility (EPR) regulations and to meet their reporting obligations, with the software offered as a SaaS solution for worldwide waste recycling regulations on packaging, WEEE and batteries.

The “cost-effective” solution “fully automates the compliance processes of global fee calculation and mandatory reporting”, and also includes “expert and pragmatic consultancy and data collection services”. It also offers a “unique” pay-as-you-go system and “flexible” fee structure.

A range of devices support the software, including tablets, and users can receive up-to-date global information and notifications regarding pending and upcoming regulatory changes “when and wherever needed” using cloud technology via Amazon’s web services.

Graham Margetson, Chief Executive of Lorax, has more than 17 years of experience in packaging legislation, and commented: “Environmental compliance is a critical part of a manufacturer’s operations: non-compliance is not a realistic business option. In the EU, there are increasingly demanding waste recycling targets to be met; including targets set for 2017 in the UK, and potential new legislation in the EU coming soon on conflict minerals. To maintain continued market access, manufacturers need to be confident that their product environmental compliance is assured.

“We have launched Lorax Compliance to meet the massive and growing demand for a cloud-based SaaS compliance solution, supported by experienced consultancy and legislative updates. Our customers know that the consequences of non-compliance can be unbudgeted costs and damaged business reputation – our goal is to be our customers’ long-term compliance partner, helping them to steer a smooth course through differing and varied legislations across the globe.

“The customer feedback we’ve received to our system is fantastic – there is great interest in a more up-to-date technical solution in compliance software and the benefits it can offer. Indeed, we’ve already amassed a wide range of global clients even prior to launch. This demonstrates we are delivering to the market a solution that not only incorporates the latest IT infrastructure and licensing model but is also able to meet their compliance needs.”

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