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SMBs urged to recycle cartridges

March 20, 2017

Recycling cartridges can be beneficial and cost-effective for businesses as well as helping the environment, an article stated.

Small Biz Trends reported that although refilling cartridges can save money, so can recycling, as some sites like e-cycle Group pay for empty cartridges, and Recycle4Charity uses donated cartridges and mobile phones to raise money for good causes, which SMBs can choose from when they recycle. Remanufacturers of cartridges depend on empties, and money can be saved by purchasing these rather than OEM cartridges.

Some OEMs will recycle the cartridges for the business, and have programmes and collection sites, and information for this is usually available on their websites. Whichever route is taken, the benefits to the environment are the same, as there is less waste in landfills, less toxic materials and energy is saved from not producing brand new cartridges.

The article noted that using inkjet printers like HP Inc’s business inkjet, which enables 880 to 2,370 printed pages, can save businesses money in the long term. By showing social responsibility and recycling, businesses can improve their reputations and boost the morale of employees, while also saving costs and improving the environment.


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