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SMBs see energy usage as main environmental issue

January 9, 2013

Recent white paper reveals European SMBs are concerned about energy usage in printing.

OKI reports that according to a recent IDC white paper sponsored by the company, 46 percent of SMBs in Europe see energy usage  as a major concern around printing, with the issue being listed as the top environmental concern for smaller businesses.

The paper, titled ‘SMB Buying Considerations for Smarter Business Printing’, was conducted in October 2012 and highlights the findings of IDC’s latest Hardcopy Survey, with other concerns featured in the report including the demand for recycling programmes or hardware and consumables, the use of recycled paper and the need to reduce packaging.

According to the report, 61 percent of European SMB respondents indicate that using printers with greener features such as duplex printing and reduced energy consumption is part of the business’ corporate green IT policy, with companies also citing cartridge recycling and the reputation of brands they purchase as important.

Terry Laidlaw, Managing Director at OKI Europe commented: “Even though cost considerations remain strong in a tough economic environment, there is no doubt that SMBs are pushing hard to print greener as they look to improve their corporate environmental performance as well as reducing costs.”

However, Laidlaw points out that going green can also benefit companies financially, adding that newer OKI products “typically use 30 percent less energy and consume 20 percent less toner than legacy devices. The result is that investing in new equipment can pay for itself longer-term as it cuts the cost of printing […]New products which benefit the environment through lower energy usage will also benefit the business through lower costs”.

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