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Smart office technology: Going strong

March 6, 2018

A recent survey of 246 professionals by Tech Pro Research has found that the use of smart office technology is increasing, although satisfaction with it is more variable.

76 percent of those who responded in the January survey said they used some kind of smart office technology – which according to Tech Pro Research’s sister website, ZDNet, bears “promises of improved collaboration, energy efficiency, safety, health, and more.”

However, over a third of those surveyed (35 percent) also felt that at least one product didn’t live up to expectations. Reasons given for the disappointment included that the products were “too difficult to use”, or that they “weren’t fully supported by their company.”

Although enthusiasm was generally high, nearly a quarter of the respondents were sceptical, saying they would not be interesting smart office technology, with a further 15 percent admitting that they saw no benefits to the devices.

Of those who responded, 70 percent worked foremost in a “traditional office environment”, with the remaining 30 percent working as either telecommuters or freelancers. Despite this, videoconferencing was far and away the most popular smart office technology among those surveyed, with 64 percent of respondents using it. Interconnected security features was the second most popular, at 20 percent, with connected thermostats and digital assistants both tied in third at 13 percent.

33 percent of respondents said that the increased efficiency and productivity provided was the main benefit of smart office technology, with 23 percent citing the improved collaboration with co-workers and clients as the top aspect, and 11 percent naming the improved workplace comfort provided as the primary satisfaction.


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