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Silo Ink refills reviewed

May 25, 2012

Technology website applauds the cost savings, but finds fault with colour output and refill process for the inexperienced.

Technology magazine website Wired has reviewed a cartridge-and-refill bundle from Silo Ink, citing “worthwhile” financial savings and quality black output but suffers from colour reproduction and a messy refill process.

Wired reviewer Michael Lasky sought a cheaper alternative for a Canon MX410 printer, which was purchased for $78 (€61) but required ink priced around $45 (€35). The Silo Ink bundle includes refillable cartridges and bottled ink and claims as much as an 80 percent saving over OEM ink.

The bundle costs $90 (€71), with each subsequent refill set, equivalent to 10 refills, costing $15 (€11).

Wired praised the high quality of output regarding black ink, stating that “there was no noticeable difference” but lamented colour photo printing, nothing that the Silo output was “slightly muddy with muted colours and less-than-sharp contrast levels”.

The page yield was also noted as impressive, listed as “equal or better than Canon’s inks”, although due to the printer’s inability to recognise the Silo cartridge, users are required to remove the cartridge itself to gauge remaining ink.

However Lasky claimed the refill process as “for me, a deal-breaker” and although the process was “simple enough”, it produced “a friggin’ mess […] refilling these things can be very messy if you’re not careful”.

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