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Signage manufacturer benefits from Nazdar inks

December 3, 2014

Nazdar_Roland_XF-640_with_Nazdar_CartridgesW.A.E. Group switches from OEM to Nazdar third-party inks after replacing its wide-format printers.

UK-based signage manufacturer W.A.E. Group has outlined the advantages it has seen after replacing OEM inks with Nazdar’s 202 Series inks after the company replaced two aging Mutoh Blizzard wide-format printers with a new Roland DG Pro 4 XF-640 machine last year, describing the decision as a “no brainer”.

The company has been working with wide-format print specialist Quality Print Services (QPS) Ltd. since 2008, through which the Nazdar inks have been recommended and delivered to W.A.E. Group. The 202 Series inks have been “developed specifically for Roland Soljet Pro4 XF-640 and XR-640 units and the Roland VersaCamm VSi range, and so QPS’ Chris Bailey noted that the ink “offer exceptional compatibility, quality and cost effectiveness, combined with a seamless ‘plug and play’ conversion process”.

Commenting on the decision to change to Nazdar inks, W.A.E. Group’s Paul Austin said: “Because we have such a good relationship with Chris at QPS, we agreed to trial the 202 Series inks for QPS when they were first introduced by Nazdar.  As the cartridges ran out, we simply swapped the old OEM inks with the new Nazdar 202 Series inks.

“The inks are fully compatible with the OEM ones so there was no need to bin old stock; we simply ran the existing stock down and swapped over to the new ones as required.  The inks are an exact colour and performance match to the OEM inks and we’ve not looked back since that time.”

Austin outlined the benefits the company has seen since using Nazdar inks: “The cost savings are obviously a key benefit to us.  However, in order to make the business case work, it was crucial that the quality and adhesion of the inks was comparable to the OEM inks and this proved to be the case.”

Bailey added: “As the main UK distributor for Nazdar digital inks we provide comprehensive technical support across the UK, both for our own customers and those of the authorised Nazdar reseller channel.  This role is made significantly easier because of the exceptional quality and reliability of the Nazdar range; the majority of callouts are due to genuine breakdowns.

“The Roland XF-640 at the W.A.E. Group is a vital piece of equipment for Paul Austin and his team.  The printer is trusted to be left running unattended out of hours – using Nazdar 202 Series inks – to increase productivity and output.”

Austin concluded: “I honestly can’t see why anyone wouldn’t change to the Nazdar 202 Series inks.  You make great savings in terms of ink costs, yet there is absolutely no loss of print quality or adhesion to substrates.  It’s a complete no-brainer.”

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