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Shoplifters forget to steal cartridges…

March 21, 2018

Sainsbury’s in Carlisle, England (Credit: News & Star)

An attempt at shoplifting printer cartridges became surely one of the most botched robberies in history recently.

The News & Star reports that police were called to a branch of Sainsbury’s in Carlisle, in the North of England, last week, after two people were spotted shoplifting.

Staff had seen the pair take a suitcase from a display, before filling it up with printer cartridges, at around 7:15 am.

However, before police arrived on the scene, the duo of would-be thieves fled the store, without actually taking the suitcase with them.

Despite the couple’s forgetful behaviour, police are still investigating the incident and have asked any locals with information to contact them by dialling 101.

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