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Sharp announces changes to the board

May 20, 2019

The OEM announced changes to the board members and executive officers which are due to be approved at its next shareholder meeting held on 25 June.

At Sharp’s the ordinary general meeting of shareholders meeting scheduled for the 25 June 2019, the following board member and executive officer changes are proposed due to promotions and retirements.

Changes in members of the board include J.W. Tai is to remain as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer and Kwok-Fai Woo, Chung-Cheng Lin as well as Wei-Ming Chen are to be appointed as Directors.

Yoichi Tsusue is to be appointed Director and become a member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee.

Retiring Directors include Toshiaki Takayama, Young Liu, Chien-Erh Wang and Goro Aoki, effective 35 June 2019.

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