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Seminars held for WWM Authorised Service Centers’ engineers

October 16, 2012

Two seminars held by Worldwide Manufacturing, E.D. took place in Ukraine attended by engineers.

Worldwide Manufacturing, E.D., Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States’ only business that provides the full production cycle of researching, developing and manufacturing compatible inks held two annual seminars in Ukraine on the 14 and 21 September to provide engineers from Authorised Service Centers (ASC WWM) with a more in-depth look into how the company and the industry works.

Both seminars included a tour of the factory, where attendees were able to witness the entire process of WWM ink production, toner cartridge refilling and remanufacturing, matrix cartridge manufacturing and toner packing. Particular emphasis was placed on the company’s quality control system, including the testing of incoming parts and materials and of new products in the Research and Development centre.

Following the tour, attendees were presented with reports prepared by inkjet and laser experts from Worldwide Manufacturing, E.D. and by representatives of the company’s foreign partners Nupro and Hitec Imaging, with speakers describing new WWM products and their implementation.

Attendees were also given a practical assignment of installing Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) into new printer models, and participated in a number of tasks including a toner cartridge assembling and disassembling speed competition, answering examples of challenging customer questions and choosing the correct consumables for a specific printer model.

At the end of the day, attendees received registered certificates and were able to acquire useful experience that the company hopes will help to improve their skills and meet the needs of WWM customers.

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