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selltowin launches training Ecademy

March 9, 2018

The company, renowned for its live events, is now forming its own online training school.

B2B sales training company has announced the launch of its new selltowin Ecademy, which offers industry specific courses for Office Product Dealers and Managed Services Providers.

The courses, which are designed with the aim of helping new hires sell quicker, and tenured reps sell more, include: LinkedIn Profile Creation & Lead Generation; Selling Business to Business to Win; Selling Managed Print to Win; Selling Document Management to Win; and Selling Managed IT Services to Win.

The platform is “millennial friendly”, according to, and features videos consisting of sales demonstrations, talk tracks, and sales coaching from professionals.

To graduate from the Ecademy, students will have to pass quizzes, complete sales playbooks, and perform a series of offline exercises, in order to earn the official selltowin certificate of completion.

Rick Lambert,’s President, explained: “We’re seeing 40 percent sales turnover and dealers are telling us they need practical and affordable sales training to support their new hire boarding process – not more product training. On the flip side, dealers need to train their tenured salespeople with strong customer relationships to sell services beyond the box which our new Ecademy is perfect for.”

The platform and content were piloted with an industry-leading OEM and two of the largest Managed Services Providers in the North America, and so far the Ecadamy boasts over 500 graduates.


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