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Selltowin launches online training course

June 15, 2018

North American company has announced public access to new online video training course, LinkedIn To Win.

Selltowin is offering the course on sale for $99 (€85) per seat.

A free trial is now available via the selltowin eCademy.

 “80 percent of sales rep profiles look like job resumes when they should look like customer resumes,” stated 2018 Industry Difference Maker and CEO of, Rick Lambert. “We’re helping reps and managers sell-to-win with field proven LinkedIn sales strategies and a professional profile that sells for them and not against them.”

The course has received a “100 percent Recommended” rating from over 500 sales professionals, and the company explains that it is already certified through OEM exclusive programs.

Selltowin states, “Reps can be up and running in less than two hours, and the online training satisfies the obvious need for a scalable platform, supporting the 30 – 50 percent sales turnover rates most dealers are faced with.”

According to the company, LinkedIn To Win will help dealers and their reps:

  1. Target C Level decision makers
  2. Create more offline conversations
  3. Generate sales leads
  4. Showcase your value proposition
  5. Convert rep profiles from “Job Resumes” into “Customer Resumes”

 Selltowin states that the training course is “perfect” for:

  • New Hire Boarding
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Executives

The new online video learning experience includes:

  • 2 Video Modules: 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Sales Profile & Prospecting Strategies;
  • 2 Sales Playbooks: Cut and paste profile content and prospect engagement templates
  • Testing, reporting & official Certificate of Completion

Additional eCademy courses include a full range of topics “to help new hires sell faster and help tenured reps sell more”, according to selltowin. 

Dealers looking to showcase their value proposition with an effective LinkedIn strategy have multiple options:

  1. View a free trial
  2. Buy online
  3. Contact via
  4. Engage distribution partners such as:
  • Carolina Wholesale
  • Arlington Industries
  • Digitek
  • LD Products – Channel Partner Division

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