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Self-service mobile printing software launched

December 9, 2015

TMobile printinghe new version of Simplify Printing TX is designed for on-the-go printing for enterprise businesses and workers in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment.

Version 1.5 of the technology, developed by IT company Tricerats, has updated Guest Printing capabilities, allowing individuals or groups a company often does business with to access the company’s MPS environment, while restricting their access to the actual domain, Consumer Electronics Net reported.

Guest users are authenticated outside of the active directory, while the iOS share functionality enables users to share any and all print jobs via the Simplify Printing TX mobile app.

Tricerats’ software allows users to send jobs from a desktop and release them using a mobile device at the printer location. BYOD users can configure their personal portable wireless devices, including virtual thin clients, to a company’s networked printers, without the need for installing drivers.

Google Cloud Print is also integrated for agentless printing, and version 1.5 is aimed at industries that print large volumes each day, such as law firms entertaining guests and clients who need a printer onsite but don’t have time to spend configuring their networks.

John Byrne, President and CEO of Tricerat, said: “Guest printing and iOS print share advancements were truly driven by demand; they are direct results of valuable conversations with our customers and our acute understanding of how and why the market continues to shift toward BYOD adoption.

“With Simplify Printing TX, Tricerat is defining the future of mobile print management.”

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