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Seine’s Pantum printer sees global launch

October 14, 2011

The machine is the first laser printer produced in China with proprietary technology and will be hitting Europe and the USA soon.

The Pantum saw a high level of industry interest for its domestic Chinese release in December last year. The printer is the first to be produced by a Chinese company using self-owned core technology.  The company now confirms that it has been shipped to Australia, for delivery to USA and European markets, following its recent launch event.

“Pantum is now officially launched around the globe,” said Jackson Wang, CEO of Seine Technology Co., Ltd. “We not only have to be successful domestically, but also internationally. This is the right choice for long-term development.”

The company has high hopes for the printer and its effects on the industry, both with its
unique Chinese roots and its approach to technology.

“The recent global printer market has been controlled by the big players, which have stopped development of durable products, increased overall printing costs and services, and ignored user’s requirements,” Seine stated.

“In a quest to attract the most possible customers printing industry suppliers have been battling each other to arrive at the lowest possible printer purchase price. They have replaced “value” with “low purchase price” in order to get consumer buyer’s attention and the business buyer has been abandoned in this process.”

Ken Cloud, Pantum’s Global Product Manager added: “What excites me the most about working for Seine Image is that this heretofore unknown player in the mainstream office printer industry will transform the way printer users think about printers, from ‘buying cheap’ to ‘buying value’.”

For more information on the Pantum launch, contact Oversea Marketing Department Supervisor Laura Fan at

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