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Scottish comedian’s set complains about Epson ink prices

March 18, 2013

Danny Bhoy’s show, titled Dear Epson, is framed by a complaint letter he sent the OEM about the price of their ink.

Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy

Bhoy, whose real name is Danni Chaudhry, is a Scottish-Indian stand-up comedian, and his latest standup tour, Dear Epson, relates to the complaint letter he wrote to the OEM “about the price of their ink”, with the comedian not realising that his letter would form the basis of his next tour.

Bhoy told Altmedia that “it was quite a long letter, for some reason I decided to read it out on stage. It got a really big response and people said ‘You should carry on doing that, that would be a really funny idea for a show’. It’s an incredibly carthartic and enjoyable experience and above all it has been getting a lot of laughs”.

Bhoy stated he “had no idea it would become the subject of his next show”, which as well as Epson “takes aim at everyone from large corporations to former teachers”. A review of the show on Giggle Beats notes that “only a  fraction of Dear Epson is actually directed at the eponymous supplier of dubiously-priced printer consumables”, but adds that “it’s probably best to repeat Bhoy’s point” that “the cost of buying ink cartridges can be more expensive than the printer itself”.

The review noted in turn that “marketing people scour the internet ready to fire legally-threatening emails” and so Bhoy’s point is that charging more for the cartridges than the printer “is not a problem unique to [Epson]”, with the routine targeting British budget airline Easyjet as well, with the review adding that “there’s a heart-warming feeling knowing that a comedy show is ruffling corporate feathers”.

Recently British newspapers the Guardian and the Daily Mail have both looked into the high price of inkjet consumables in relation to the printers, with Australian website Smarthouse also picking up on the issue. The Recycler’s David Connett and Promax and UKCRA’s Chris Brooks were both interviewed by the newspapers for their perspectives on the issue as well.

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