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Samsung sues dealers accused of distributing clones

January 7, 2014

District Court of The Hague

District Court of The Hague

Samsung Netherlands brings case against four cartridge dealers accused of distributing illegally cloned products.

Computable reported on the action taken by Samsung Netherlands against Dutch cartridge dealers Yorcom Computers, Print About, Digital Revolution and Maxperian; all of which own shops that the OEM has accused of distributing non-licensed, non-OEM toner cartridges.

Samsung discovered the clone cartridges on the market and submitted an application for a preliminary injunction on 14 November 2013, claiming that the cloned cartridges infringed key patents and designs of Samsung Electronics. A hearing was held on 19 December in the District Court of The Hague, with the court ruling expected some time this month.

The cloned cartridges purportedly infringe Samsung’s patents as they are an imitation of the OEM’s cartridge design and infringe “the part of the cartridge that collects used toner and the contact point of the IC chip that the printer and the toner recognise each other”.

In a similar case, The Recycler reported in December that Samsung took action against seven new-build resellers in Germany over the distribution of illegal new-build toner cartridges; with the OEM stating that the lawsuits are intended to protect “consumers and companies that produce and sell eco-friendly remanufactured toner cartridges”.

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