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Samsung South Africa realigns business

March 15, 2017

Samsung Electronics South Africa is set to create four new businesses as it reorganises its operation.

Biz Community reported that the realignment comes in the wake of the “pending sale” of Samsung’s printer sector to HP Inc and that the four new units will be included in its “consumer electronics (CE) division”. These will consist of “sales, product management, commercial and retail management” which will focus B2B.

Mike van Lier, Director, Consumer Electronics, Samsung South Africa, said: “The global sale of Samsung’s printer division is a fantastic opportunity for both organisations. Here in SA, it will allow us to sharpen our focus on our other enterprises, while at the same time improving our operational processes. The structural realignment will also lead to the creation of a number of new strategic positions within these entities.

“Ultimately, this is a new era for us and is an approach that will not only enable us to continue delivering the outstanding service we are renowned for, but also to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs.”

Van Lier explained that the new structure would deliver more value to the company’s channel partners and consumers by making sure that their needs are met. The B2B units which have been part of Samsung for many years will come under the umbrella of the CE division so that their integrity is not lost once the printer section is sold.

Van Lier made the point that business needs and consumer needs are very different and that Samsung understands this which is why the new structure will be “perfectly positioned to deal with the demands of the various vertical markets” and also said that the aim “of the product management division is to realise synergies across the numerous ranges of Samsung products that exist within the overall CE division”.

The article finished by saying that the retail management “will focus on communicating and marketing the company’s technologies to the end customers” and that the goal will be for well informed customers making the right choices.


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