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Samsung partners with South African customs over counterfeits

March 10, 2015

The OEM’s South African subsidiary has partnered with South African police to “fight counterfeit goods”.SamsungLogo_AP_23April1

ITWeb reported on Samsung Electronics SA’s partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and customs in the country on “raids in various places where it is suspected counterfeit products are being sold”, as part of the OEM’s “strengthening [of] its pledge to fight counterfeit goods through strategic collaborations with local authorities”.

The website interviewed the OEM’s Service Director Richard Chetty, who commented that Samsung is “working closely” with the authorities “to clamp down on the distribution of counterfeit goods”, with mobile phones “the most pirated products”, but “money, music, software, vehicle parts [and] electronics devices” are also counterfeited in the country and Africa as a whole.

Chetty noted that “counterfeiting is not only common in South Africa; it is at a very high rate across all industries in Africa […] it is important for each company or brand to do their part in combatting this problem. It is our responsibility to ensure we empower buyers to make safe and smart purchasing decisions. Besides being detrimental to the economy, counterfeit products and spares hurt consumers’ pockets in the long run, due to their inferior quality”.

The “easy accessibility” of such products means “customers pay what they think is far less”, while the “hidden price tag” of their illegality often only becomes apparent after “uncertified dealers lure” them in with the “face-value” real products. Chetty concluded that “genuine products and parts purchased through official channels carry benefits which outweigh the initial small cost saving of counterfeits. Consumers need to realise the best way to save money is to go the legal and approved retailer route”.

Tanzanian authorities recently destroyed a haul of counterfeit cartridges and mobile phones, while HP held an anti-counterfeiting conference in April last year to raise awareness of the issue of counterfeit products in Africa.

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