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Samsung offers automatic print supply refills

September 13, 2017

Samsung Printing Solutions has announced that German and UK customers can now take advantage of Amazon Dash Replenishment.

This week the company revealed the availability of Amazon Dash Replenishment-enabled printers in both Germany and the UK, which means that consumers can now automatically reorder their print supplies when they start running low.

Dash Replenishment works using Internet of Things technology, as well as cloud services on connected devices, to order and deliver new print supplies directly to customers “in accordance to their settings”.

Dash Replenishment can be installed on a device via Samsung’s Mobile Print app; the devices can then use the technology to detect low ink and toner levels in connected printers. When levels are depleted, the devices then send notifications to Samsung Cloud Print and from there to Amazon, which sets up an order for replacements. Customers that will benefit from this streamlined innovation include small and medium-sized businesses that use multi-function printers and other Samsung Printing Solutions devices.

David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics, stated, “Initially this service was available to our US customers. We are pleased to announce today that Dash Replenishment options are now available to our customers in Germany and the UK as well.”

He continued, “This expansion will help provide efficiency and improved printing conditions for more consumers in more regions around the world.

Through collaborations with a variety of companies, Samsung will continue its efforts to improve work productivity by creating smart office environments all over the world. Now, customers can count on products and refills being available immediately when they need them.”

Dash Replenishment will be available with a range of Samsung’s home office printers, as well as MFPs including the SL-C430W, SL-C480FW, SL-M2835DW and SL-M2885FW models. Among these models, the SL-M2835DW and SL-M2885FW were chosen as top-performing monochrome printers and MFPs at the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Summer 2014 Pick Awards. The SL-M2885FW was also handed the Outstanding Achievement for Energy Efficiency at the BLI’s Winter 2015 Pick Awards.



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