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Samsung in UK and German Dash launch

September 1, 2016

The OEM has confirmed, despite reports, that it is part of the UK launch of Amazon’s consumable service, as well as in Germany.SamsungPrintingSolutions_Amazon_Main_1

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which The Recycler reported on in October 2015 and which went live in January, allows connected electronic devices to measure consumable use and automatically order new products, including cartridges, which could create issues for remanufacturers and third-party suppliers.

Brother had partnered with the retailer at the services’ launch, and Samsung also signed up earlier this year, and yesterday it had been reported that neither were included in the UK launch, but Samsung has announced that its customers in both the UK and Germany can “automatically reorder their print supplies” through DRS.

The OEM stated that the “availability of Amazon Dash Replenishment-enabled printers” in both countries allows it to utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud to deliver cartridges from Amazon “directly to customers when a replacement is needed, in accordance with their settings”. Connected printers “detect low toner and ink levels”, and send notifications to Samsung Cloud Print which are relayed to Amazon, with purchases then made.

The service includes Dash ‘buttons’, which Stuff reported were “basically free” in that they “technically” cost £4.99 ($6.55/€5.87) each but this amount is subtracted from your first order. The site added that the buttons work by you giving the Amazon app your preference for consumable products, connecting your Dash button to the home wireless network, and just click the button when you run out of the product.

In terms of accidental over-ordering, Stuff points out that “there’s a built-in failsafe in that Amazon will only process the first click”, and “when your delivery arrives it’ll the reset and you’ll be free to order again”. For Samsung customers using the Printing Solutions-enabled devices or MFPs, sign-up to DRS can be achieved through the Samsung Mobile Print app. Among devices compatible with DRS are the SL-C430W, C480FW, M2835DW and M2885FW, as well as a range of home office printers.

David SW Song, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions, commented: “Initially this service was available to our US customers. We are pleased to announce today that Dash Replenishment options are now available to our customers in Germany and the UK as well. This expansion will help provide efficiency and improved printing conditions for more consumers in more regions around the world.

“Through collaborations with a variety of companies, Samsung will continue its efforts to improve work productivity by creating smart office environments all over the world. Now, customers can count on products and refills being available immediately when they need them.”

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