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Rwanda opens first e-waste recycling facility

December 5, 2017


The country has unveiled its very first recycling facility dedicated to processing e-waste, as a means of reducing environmental impact and boosting the economy.

As Xinhuanet reports, this week Rwanda has launched its first e-waste recycling and dismantling facility, situated in Bugesera District in the country’s Eastern Province.
This facility “will provide a lasting solution for electronic and electrical waste while preventing a negative impact of electronic waste on human health and the environment.”
Its unveiling is the result of a 2014 investment by the Rwandan government, which, via the Green Fund initiative, channeled approximately US$1.5 million into the establishment of the facility, under the auspices of Rwanda’s National E-Waste Management Strategy.
This strategy “includes a national framework for e-waste recycling” as well as a “country-wide collection scheme with incentives” and the building of the recycling and dismantling facility, “which will be connected to sustainable recycling industries on a national, regional and international level.”
Rwanda’s Minister of the Environment, Vincent Biruta, described the facility as “testament to Rwanda’s clear vision of clean and green growth” and said that it will recycle “all electronic gadgets that have been posing a serious threat to Rwanda’s environment”.
The recycling plant is also expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy, saving the government “billions of francs” and will also result in the generation of “thousands of green jobs” in addition to “contributing to the reduction of risks from electronic hazardous materials”, according to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Vincent Munyeshyaka.
This week Rwanda also launched Green Growth Week, which consists of a variety of events “bringing together policy makers and practitioners to share experiences on green growth and climate resilient development.”

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