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Russia experiences rise in laser printer sales

July 3, 2012

Nine percent year-on-year increase for Q1 2012 found against a backdrop of diminishing printer shipments across all categories.

Research firm Context has revealed a nine percent year-on-year increase in all-in-one laser printer shipments in Russia for Q1 2012, with Samsung and HP competing for market share leadership, reports Channel EMEA.

The growth in all-in-one laser printer shipments is said to have been driven by the success of “mid-placed vendors such as Xerox and Brother”, with the former falling just short of tripling its shipments year-on-year for the first quarter of 2012, and Xerox experiencing 80 percent growth in Russia.

Samsung and HP are currently leading in market share for the region, with 29 and 27 percent respectively, although Xerox’s rapid growth sees the OEM ranked third with 18 percent market share.

Unusually, the expansion of all-in-one laser printer shipments occurred against a backdrop of diminishing printer shipments. Channel EMEA reports a reduction of six percent in all other product categories for the same period.

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