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Rises all round for Kyocera

October 31, 2018

The OEM has published its financial data for both the second quarter, and the first half, of the current financial year, ended September the 30th, and it’s a raft of positive news for the Japanese firm.

Sales revenue in Q2 reached ¥413.1 billion ($3.65 billion/€3.21 billion), up 5.1 percent from the figure of ¥393.1 billion ($3.47 billion/€3.06 billion) in the same period of 2017.

Operating profit also rose, by 19.7 percent, to total ¥45.4 billion ($401.4 million/€353.8 million), up from ¥38 billion ($335.9 million/€296.1 million) last year.

There was a further rise in profit before income taxes, which climbed from ¥41.4 billion ($366 million/€322.6 million) in 2017 to ¥50.2 billion ($443.8 million/€391.2 million) in 2018, an increase of 21.2 percent.

For the first half of the year (HY1), it was a broadly similar story. Sales revenue climbed 8.4 percent, from ¥738.3 billion ($6.52 billion/€5.75 billion) to ¥800.6 billion ($7.07 billion/€6.24 billion), whilst operating profit rose from ¥69.2 billion ($611.8 million/€539.3 million) to ¥82.6 billion ($730.3 million/€643.8 million) – a 19.2 percent climb.

There was a 16.4 percent increase in profit before income taxes, too, which hit ¥105.6 billion ($933.6 million/€823 million), up from ¥90.7 billion ($801.9 million/€706.9 million) in the first six months of 2017.

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