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Ricoh’s vulnerability all-clear

August 31, 2018

Following reports earlier this month that the OEM was investigating three of its MFPs, it has now sounded a note of reassurance to its customers.

The Recycler carried the news of the investigation last week, which came after the detection of a vulnerability in an HP all-in-one printer, which allowed hackers to take control of the device through a crafted fax sent via telephone line, and then gain access to the connected network.

Devices from other manufacturers were initially suspected to be vulnerable to the same method of attack, due to the vulnerability of the fax protocol itself. In response, Ricoh announced it was investigating a small number of its MFPs – the SP 3600SF/3610SF, the Aficio SP 1200SF, and the Aficio SP 4410SF/4420SF –  to make sure they weren’t susceptible to the attack.

Now, the OEM has announced that “Ricoh multifunction devices are not affected by this vulnerability because our fax implementation does not include the JPEG processing exploited in this case.”

The company added: “We continue to study security trends and take all appropriate action necessary to ensure the security of our devices.”

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