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Ricoh study reveals demand for technology training

October 4, 2017

A new study commissioned by Ricoh Europe reveals that over two-thirds of employees in European businesses want training in digital technology.

A study commissioned by Ricoh Europe has demonstrated that “European workers want to use more innovative digital technology at work but confess they lack the skills to make it effective”. Out of the 3,600 workers that took part in the survey, almost 40 percent stated that a lack of skills “stops the introduction of new technology being useful” and 67 percent would like their employers “to put more emphasis on training”. A mere 27% feels that their employer invests the appropriate amount in such training.

Ricoh Europe’s VP of Corporate Marketing, Javier Diez-Aguirre, commented, “There is a great deal of hype in Europe around digital empowerment and its impact on productivity. While AI and automation will transform the way that we work, a lack of training will drastically reduce ROI. Businesses need to consider the person who will be using the new technology. No amount of infrastructure spending will help a business that isn’t encouraging its staff to develop the right skills”.

34 percent of workers have admitted they do not even feel properly equipped to use the “more common software and hardware solutions”, including PCs, MFPs and Microsoft Office, “let alone newer technologies such as complex process automation.”

A widening generational gap is also evident and causing concern, with 70% of workers contending that “younger employees are better suited to working with new types of technology” and because of this, 33% fear they may soon lose their jobs.

Diez-Aguirre concluded, “Despite headlines about being replaced by robots, Europe’s workers see technology as a way to do higher value work not something that will replace them. However, improving workers’ confidence to use new technology is not a catch-all situation. Successfully empowering digital workplaces requires different skillsets and a variety of needs must be catered for. Engaging with workers at every step is vital.”



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