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Ricoh releases new flagship A3 model

July 13, 2017

Ricoh has released a new flagship A3 monochrome printer model , the RICOH SP 8400 series.

As of 12 July 2017 Ricoh Co., Ltd. has newly launched four models of the RICOH SP 8400 Series expanding the A3 monochrome printer offering.

The new product is the successor to the RICOH SP 8300 series released in October 2012. It increases the continuous printing speed (A4 widthwise feed) from 50 sheets per minute to 60 sheets per minute and responds to mass output work with high productivity.

In addition, the 10.1-inch large-scale full-colour touch panel “MultiLink-Panel” is installed in all models, and the replacement procedure of expendable supplies is displayed with animation, so the operability has been greatly improved.

New options such as a compatible paper folding unit, finisher capable of using needle-bound or needleless binding properly, 4-bin printing post to suppress paper mistake, and providing extensive post-processing function are available.

On the release, Ricoh commented: “In addition to this, the printers have a wide range of paper handling capabilities, excellent environmental performance, etc., and contribute to improving customer’s operational efficiency.

“We will position this new product as a flagship model of the A3 monochrome printer, and we will proceed to introduce it to customers of various sizes and industries as principal office printers.”


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