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Ricoh India appoints new Chairman of Board of Directors

August 31, 2017

Ricoh Corporate Vice President Noboru Akahane was appointed Chairman of Board of Directors at Ricoh India.

Ricoh India Limited announced the appointment of Noboru Akahane as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Currently serving as Ricoh’s Corporate Vice President in charge of Internal Control, Mr Akahane will be taking over from Ian Winham who was appointed to the position on 25 July 2016 in the wake of the financial irregularities that were discovered in Ricoh India’s 2015 financial reporting.

Ricoh said that one year-on from the appointment of Mr Winham, the business operations are now stabilised, controls have been implemented and are operational and reporting compliance has been regularised.  

An additional personnel change also sees Yoshitaka Motomura appointed as a non-executive director. As a result, the Board of Directors of Ricoh India will be made up of four independent directors: Ms A. Garg, Mr UP Mathur, Mr RK Pandey, and Mr R. Ahuja, and four Ricoh directors: Mr N. Akahane, Mr AT Rajan, Mr H. Kitada, and Mr Y. Motomura.

Mr Winham stepped down from his role as Chairman of Board of Directors at Ricoh India on 3 August.

The appointment will be confirmed at the annual general shareholders meeting scheduled for September.

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