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Ricoh increases toner production by 13 percent

April 24, 2012

¥11 billion spent increasing toner production capacity in Japan.

Printer manufacturer Ricoh has announced that it will spend ¥11 billion ($135 million/€102 million) to expand toner production capacity at a subsidiary’s plant in Miyagi prefecture, Japan, reports Industry Analysts.

The equipment maker has stated that it will launch three new production lines at the plant, which has been operating five lines since June 2010 in a bid to cope with a predicted growth in demand for Ricoh’s new PxP-EQ toner.

Industry Analysts stated: “The new production line is scheduled to go on stream in June 2013.

“As a result, Ricoh’s total toner production capacity will increase by about 13 percent to 15,800 tonnes annually”.

Ricoh also recently abandoned the IKON brand, deciding to consolidate under a single brand in the US as the OEM approaches its 50th anniversary in America.

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