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Ricoh faces Fair Labor Standards Act complaint

August 31, 2012

A suit has been launched by an unnamed “Technical Service Engineer” accusing the OEM of wilfully denying overtime pay by misclassification.

Nichols Kaster will be representing the plaintiffs in a suit against Ricoh as of 17 August 2012, as an unnamed “Technical Service Engineer” accuses the OEM of wilfully denying overtime pay due to a purposeful misclassification.

The plaintiff “TSE”, who has been with Ricoh for several years, alleges that the OEM has classified him as exempt from the FLSA’s overtime protections before June 2011, at which point Ricoh is stated as reclassifying him from exempt to non-exempt and begun overtime compensation. As such, “TSE” claims he received no overtime compensation for his overtime work prior to June 2011.

Nichols Kaster’s Rachhana T. Srey, who is representing the plaintiff along with Paul J. Lukas, commented: “Misclassification is common in the IT industry, especially for employees who work out in the field like the TSEs in this case. TSEs work long hours and should be fairly compensated for their overtime both before and after the company reclassified them.”

The case has been filed a Fair Labor Standards Act Complaint and was filed in federal court in the District of Colorado.

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  1. nunottx says:

    I find this funny, in Portugal is difficult to find a company that pays ANY overtime, usually only international companies do it, and lately not even those.

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