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Resolution reached between Canon and Parsia International

December 20, 2013

Patent  DefinedOEM announces resolution of patent infringement dispute with UK aftermarket company.

An out-of-court resolution has been reached between Canon and London-based aftermarket consumables supplier Parsia International, after the OEM accused the company of patent infringement concerning certain toner bottle products sold for use in Canon copy machines.

The resolution sees Parsia agree to henceforth cease the manufacturing, importing, disposing, offering, using or keeping of some of its toner products, numbered 10014346, 10014246, 10014546, 10014146, 10013824, 10614346 (black), 10614446 (cyan), 10614546 (magenta), 10614646 (yellow), 10014446.

It was reported in September that Canon also reached an out-of-court agreement with AllCopy Products after the company was accused of “patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement and passing off certain toner bottle products sold for use in Canon copy machines”; with AllCopy agreeing to the same terms as Parsia to avoid any future disputes with the OEM regarding the matter.

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