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REMCON seminar programme begins

January 30, 2016

The first day of the seminar programme saw talks on HP Inc’s new toner cartridges, pricing and more.P1030415

The programme opened with Static Control’s Technical Manager, Tom Claessens, giving a presentation entitled ‘Tech talk – what’s so different’, in which he discussed the HP Inc M252/277 and M552/553 toner cartridges, and what has changed with them compared to their predecessor cartridges. He presented images of the changes, including chip positions, component differences and sizes, and also had example models that delegates could see after the talk. A second part of the seminar also reflected on Static Control’s SafeDrive solution, which offers a solution to the P2055/3015 drum gear, as the OEM’s changes have created challenges in installation and use.

Next came two seminars from The Recycler’s David Connett, with the first a welcome to the show, and an overview of the industry, while the second concerned premium pricing and why remanufacturers should focus on this to be able to better compete with the OEM. Connett addressed the current office products market situation, and how it has contracted around 15 percent in the last five years, and also looked at how regional markets, the remanufacturing industry and new opportunities (such as 3D printing) are all affecting remanufacturers in both positive and negative ways.

Finally, Lightwords’ Peter Mayhew covered the system integration and business process optimisation (BPO) markets, and addressed whether they offered an opportunity or a threat to the aftermarket. He gave examples of the types of companies found in this sector, including VARs (value-added resellers), system integrators and IT service providers, as well as outlining the processes that businesses can optimise through such companies, and the vertical markets that both OEMs and these types of companies target, including healthcare, accounting and education. Mayhew then addressed how value can be added to print through such companies and processes, noting that older printers were actually a target for OEMs using such software, and as such could pose a threat to the aftermarket.

The REMCON seminar programme continues today at 10am with the early bird session, previewing the day ahead alongside an open-topic discussion. Next, at 11am, is ‘Why digital marketing is a big opportunity for remanufacturers, and what should you do about it in 2016?’, hosted by Uninet Europe’s Zoltan Matyas, in which Matyas will cover how the industry can benefit from digital marketing’s advantages.

Static Control's Tom Claessens gives his tech talk on new HP Inc cartridges

Static Control’s Tom Claessens gives his tech talk on new HP Inc cartridges

At 11.45am, ETIRA Secretary General Vincent van Dijk presents ‘EU circular economy initiative: relevance to the cartridge reman industry’, where he will address the new policy’s possible benefits for the remanufacturing sector. Next, Actionable Intelligence’s Charlie Brewer gives us ‘A look at today’s third-party supplies industry in China’ at 12.30pm reviewing the leading companies and trends, before Apex Microelectronic’s Ben Wu discusses ‘The reasons why the aftermarket cannot ignore firmware upgrades on printers’ at 1.15pm, focusing on the importance of printer firmware.

Clover Imaging’s Mark Dawson is next, at 2pm, with ‘Brand building in the imaging supplies aftermarket’ analysing how to best brand your business, followed by Delacamp’s Volker Kappius, whose talk is titled ‘Whatever happened to the green aspect of the laser cartridge aftermarket? Has “re-use” become of “no use”?’ at 2.45pm, and which refers to the split between price and environmental, quality-focused companies across the industry.

David Hymers of Totalpost will then cover ‘The ink business’ at 3.30pm including the growth of business inkjet and how to get into refilling services, before Static Control’s Ken Lalley questions ‘Can we still grow in times of change?’ at 4.15pm, focusing on the industry’s evolution and how companies can stay competitive despite transitions.

The day then concludes with the ETIRA networking reception in the seminar theatre, closely followed by The Recycler Awards presentations, so make sure you’re there to see the winners!

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