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Remanexpo 2019: Call for papers!

August 21, 2018

Paperworld 2019, featuring the Remanexpo product group, is just around the corner. If you have something new to say, The Recycler wants to hear from you!

Paperworld 2019 will take place at Messe Frankfurt, Germany, from the 26th to the 29th of January, and will once again feature Remanexpo, at its new location of Hall 5.1. The event will see thousands of exhibitors and visitors from across the industry and from around the world pass through the doors for four days of unparalleled expertise, networking, and opportunity.

The Recycler’s curated seminar programme will once again play a crucial role in Remanexpo, and will be taking place within the Seminar Theatre, in the centre of Hall 5.1. This year, the seminars will be arranged into four distinct categories, and the window for submissions is now officially open.

We are searching for talks and seminars that can impart new information and expanded knowledge to the attending community of international exhibitors and visitors. They should be interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, and capable of offering either new information, or a new opinion on the aftermarket or office imaging industry.

The first day’s seminars will relate to ‘Business Perspectives’, and will cover topics such as how to remanufacture a product, overcoming technical issues, social media, and other public relations strategies.

The second day will focus on ‘Channel Perspectives’, and include insights on subjects ranging from commercial happenings and clone affairs to the latest legislation on WEEE, IP, Brexit, the EU, and collection schemes.

On the third day in Frankfurt, the day’s seminars will be geared towards ‘Market Perspectives’, looking at the current situation in the market, what the future has in store, and what new trends or developments might impact the sector going forwards.

Finally, the fourth day’s seminar programme will be themed around ‘Personal Perspectives’, and will take the shape of a series of informal Q&A interviews, to allow attendees and visitors to share in the individual opinions and inside thoughts of the speakers.

If you have a presentation that you feel fits in well with one of these four categories, then The Recycler wants to hear from you! Get in touch at, making sure to include the title of your talk, as well as a brief overview of its contents. Please also let us know which day/theme you would like to speak on, and in addition, please include your name, a short biography, and a recent head-and-shoulders photo in .jpeg format.

To keep up to date with all the news about Paperworld 2019, stay tuned to our dedicated show pages, for an up-to-date exhibitor list, seminar schedule, and lots more. Registration for free vouchers from The Recycler will be announced soon but you can purchase a ticket here.

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