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Remanexpo 2016 – busy buzz on day one

January 30, 2016

The first day of the event in Frankfurt, Germany saw a great deal of visitor interest, while common trends included future consolidation and new products.P1030399

In contrast to some years, the first day of the 2016 event saw a great deal of visitors passing through the hall, giving the start of the show an extra buzz. While the recent trend of OEM and German Customs raids continued, exhibitors seemed optimistic about the event and its prospects for the remaining three days. Among the most eye-catching of displays at the event was German company Remanto’s model made from the waste products used in remanufacturing cartridges, while Print-Rite’s range of CoLiDo 3D printers were also a popular focus.

UK-based remanufacturer DCI/Jet Tec took advantage of the new business lounge initiative, with Sales Managers Tony Speed and Michael Rothenmacher reflecting that the service offers a “more personalised experience” at the event, while the company showcased its newest Jet Tec remanufactured toner cartridges such as the Brother 241 and 245, and its remanufactured HP 62XL inkjets. On consolidation, Speed noted that there remains a “massive flux in the market”, but that DCI/Jet Tec saw this as an “opportunity for us as we’re privately owned and financially stable. We see that as a chance to say we’re still here, as people can become quite nervous about it”.

Industry association ETIRA’s Secretary General, Vincent van Dijk, reflected on the organisation’s focus for 2016 on “three pillars” of environmental objectives, including the continued implementation of the WEEE Directive, the European Union’s new circular economy package, and the need to address the OEMs’ moves towards promoting reuse and remanufacturing, as Lexmark recently did. Van Dijk also reflected on consolidation, noting that he believed it will “accelerate” but that ETIRA “can address this development” by making sure it focuses on the “percentage of the industry we represent […] it’s not about the number of members”.

Remanto's model made from cartridge components

Remanto’s model made from cartridge components

Chinese printer manufacturers Pantum meanwhile demonstrated their newest machines, including two MFPs (a four-in-one and three-in-one), with Vice General Manager Nydia Wu noting that the company “will develop a new laser series” and is “researching colour machines”. Pantum’s perspective on consolidation, specifically the Static Control-Apex merger, was that it gives them the “best advantages and opportunities. We welcome the new customers”. Apex’ Cindy Zhang in turn noted that the merger “surprised customers at first, but they accept it now and there are more benefits – technology, patents and development – and more integration”.

Zhang also discussed the company’s wide range of new products, including an entire portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) devices related to its chip technology, and a new free mobile phone app – Apex Support – that allows both iOS and Android smartphone owners to be informed immediately when an OEM updates their printer firmware, to help with “effective prevention2 as well as “first-hand information”.

Allcopy Compatible’s Operations Manager Andrew Daly stated that for the company, the show was “picking up” on the first day, with its aims being to “meet with European distributors and hopefully make some new partnerships”, and added that in line with another trend – copiers and the copier market – a “lot of remanufacters have been coming to ask about copiers, as there’s a good market” there for diversification and niche lines.

You can read our round-up of the first day of the REMCON seminar programme here. For all the latest information and news, visit, and for an exhibitor list, the full seminar programme and speaker profiles, visit

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