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REMADE makes $35 million of funding available

August 19, 2020

The REMADE Institute announces up to $35 million (€29 million) in funding for technology solutions to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

The REMADE Institute has issued its fourth Request for Proposals (RFP) to invest up to $35 million (€29 million) for research and development of transformational technologies to increase the recovery, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling of metals, polymers, fibers, and e-waste.

The funding will be matched by project participants, for a total investment of up to $70 million (€58 million).

REMADE has made it a priority to focus on the plastic value chain by especially seeking proposals that will significantly increase the domestic recycling of plastics. Using recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic can reduce energy consumption by up to 79% and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 67%.

Nabil Nasr, REMADE’s CEO, stated: “With the challenges facing industry today, it is increasingly important to improve US manufacturing competitiveness. Our partnership of 100 industry, national laboratory, and academic innovators are working together to reduce the energy and environmental burden of domestic manufacturing while delivering value to industry, the economy, and the environment.”

REMADE has invested $20 million (€17 million) in projects to date. These promising technology advancements cut across multiple industries and the entire material lifecycle.

For a detailed description and application process for the current RFP, visit

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