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Refilled cartridges must be WEEE compliant

October 23, 2017

With the implementation of the new WEEE directive, open scope will take effect from next August and will have an impact on refillers and remanufacturers.

Earlier this year The Recycler reported on changes to the WEEE directive, reducing the number of categories from 10 to 6, as well as covering the news that, under the new legislation, remanufactured cartridges can be considered as new products, with all the attendant obligations this designation has upon their producers.

Now it has been revealed that, according to the new WEEE directive, which will see open scope making an impact from 15 August 2018, refilled printer cartridges must also be WEEE compliant, though “refilled printer cartridges enter the market as a quasi-new product”. They are viewed as remarketing an existing product, rather than creating a new one.

Open scope is expected to have “strong consequences” on some OEMs as well as on refillers, remanufacturers and “any other third party cartridge producer”.

Producers will have to take a number of steps to ensure they are WEEE compliant, such as registering with the national authorities when products are placed on the market for the first time, declaring products to national authorities, financing and eventually contributing to a take-back scheme, communicating their compliance, and reporting take-back and recycling results.

Depending on where producers have obligations, they may have to “organise their compliance” in just one country or in several simultaneously.

To find out more, visit compliance hub WEEElogic.

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