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Refill store owner passes away, aged 68

November 5, 2012

Walter Crockrel, Jr. died 30 October in Regency Hospital, Sylvania following suffering a stroke on 17 September.

Toledo Blade has celebrated the life of Walter Crockrel, Jr. who passed away on 30 October aged 68. Crockel, who is survived by his wife Phyllis and his children, began a refilling business in 2007 following his retirement from his employment at a US franchise Sears store at 55.

Referred to as a “creature of habit”, Crockrel would still rise at 04:30 to attend his computer, and soon noted how quickly printer ink would run out. Purchasing new cartridges was realised to be expensive, and refilling could be messy and impractical, he would later acquire a refilling machine.

Phyllis Crockrel commented: “He thought, ‘Hmm, I don’t think there’s anything like this in Toledo. I’m going to do that,” and started Inkjet Express 1 Hour Refill in 2007. The business is stated to have become “a legacy left for our kids” by Phyllis.

Crockrel also served as board chairman of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, with BBB President Dick Eppstein stating: “You can’t replace a person like Walt Crockrel. Walt was a down-to-earth guy, but people gravitated to him because of his integrity and common sense.”

Walter Crockrel, Jr. is survived by his wife Phyllis, sons Walter III and Kevan Crockrel, sisters Myrtis Hawthorne and Jacquelyn Reddick, and two grandchildren.

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