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Recycled toner used on Australian roads

March 15, 2017

A council in Australia has partnered with a road resurfacing contractor who uses recycled toner, cartridges and car tyres instead of tar.

My Sunshine Coast reported that Allan Hull, Civil Operations Manager, Noosa Council, stated that: “Noosa Asphalt” is better for the environment than conventional asphalt because it uses recycled toner and because it is manufactured at a lower temperature than conventional asphalt” and added that: “It’s a warm mix, not a hot mix.”

During the road resealing programme this year more than a million printer cartridges will be saved from landfill sites as well as reclamation of “thousands of tonnes of old asphalt” and the other benefits of reducing landfill is the reduction in carbon emissions.

Hull said: “Whereas similar road surfaces incorporate one or two sustainable technologies, such as the use of one recycled material or the use of lower-temperature manufacturing, Noosa Asphalt incorporates several.

“That makes it a significant innovation in road construction. With this product Noosa is raising the bar in terms of best practice at no extra cost. It is exciting to think that Noosa Asphalt could one day be used across the country.”

Hull also commented that: “Thousands of old car tyres are used in another product to improve road surfaces by making them more flexible. It helps prevent cracking and reduces the risk of water penetrating the underlying pavement. It also saves all those old tyres being sent to landfill

The town Mayor commented: “When the opportunity arose to trial these new products, all the councillors were very keen to get on board. This is another example of how Council was working hard to reduce its overall impact on the environment.”


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