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Recycled plastic park wows Rotterdam

August 10, 2018

A new floating park has been unveiled in Rotterdam, created out of recycled plastics.

The 1,500sqft park is the brainchild of the Recycled Island Foundation, as BUSINESS INSIDER reports, and is constructed out of “plastic recycled from Rotterdam’s waterways.”

The park, which is a prototype, was opened for visitors on 4 July 2018 and features “hexagonal pods, which mimic the landscape of Rotterdam’s Maas River before humans altered the landscape”.

The floating park’s pods “can be used to create gardens, as habitat for wildlife, or for chilling out” and can be altered to create different seating arrangements for Rotterdam residents to enjoy.

In addition, the park features litter traps, which have been designed to catch rubbish that has been dumped into the canals. The Foundation hopes this salvaged rubbish can then be used to construct more floating parks.

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