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Record-high income for Fujifilm

May 10, 2019

Fujifilm Holdings announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2019.

In the company’s presentation, Fujifilm highlights its “record-high” income which increased 70.1 percent compared to the previous fiscal year, to ¥209.8 billion ($ 1.911 billion/ €1.702 billion).

The company explained these high results are due to “increase in operating income in the healthcare business including medical systems and bio CDMO and in the electronic materials business, and good progress with improvements of profitability and structural reforms in the document business.”

The Imaging Solutions segment had revenues of ¥386.9 billion ($3.523 billion/ €3.139 billion) up one percent on the previous fiscal year but operating income was down 8.4 percent, totalling ¥51.1 billion ($465.311 million/ €414.598 million) due to factors such as “upfront investment in advertising, promotion and R&D,” the company explained.

Fujifilm added that in the photo imaging business, sales were strong for instant photo systems such as the instax series and instax films.

In the Document Solutions segment, revenue was down four percent, down to ¥1,005.6 billion ($9.157 billion/ €8.159 billion), however operating profit was up 1,045.3 percent totalling ¥96.4 billion ($877.934 million/ €782.223 million).

Fujifilm says that the overall sales volume decreased in office products and printer business, although it recorded solid sales for the ApeosPort-VII C/ DocuCentre-VII C series MFPs.

Looking forward, the company is planning to increase revenue and operating profit “to reach record high operating income” in the fiscal year ending 31 March 2020. In the Document Solutions segment, in particular, the company is looking to achieve a 10 percent operating margin by 2020, a year ahead of the scheduled March 2021. 

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