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Rapid Refill store interviewed on cartridges

April 16, 2015

The Rapid Refill team. Credit: Community Impact

The Rapid Refill team. Credit: Community Impact

Franchisee Elaine Capers said users can expect a 20 to 50 percent cost reduction by refilling cartridges rather than buying new ones.

Community Impact reported on the franchise, which specialises in ink and toner cartridge refilling. It also offers OEM-branded cartridges for personal and commercial devices, document shredding and printer repair services. Capers said “customer education” is the “most difficult part of my job”, as manufacturers put “messages and warnings on their products” saying that using third-party cartridges will void the customer’s warranty, despite this not being true.

“It is perfectly okay to use refilled ink. We even guarantee the printer [by fixing or replacing it] should the remanufactured cartridge damage it,” she commented.

Her products are offered as “an alternative to homes, business and residents of the community”. Typical customers include “parents with students at home who want to be able to print more, […] people who run businesses out of their home who want to reduce their costs.

“We help people save money every time they press the “Print” button.”

The business has about 400 commercial accounts for her two employees to service, some of which are up to 45 miles away.

“It’s a relatively easy process to complete. We recycle and refill most of the Canon and Hewlett-Packard cartridges on-site with syringes or specialty-made machines.”

She added that customers “shouldn’t really expect any difference in colour or print quality when using our products. We guarantee the quality of every one of our products”.

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