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Rapid Refill enlists ecommerce specialists

March 18, 2013

The refill franchise will work with Classy Llama Studios to aid its customer service online.RAPID REFILL

Classy Llama Studios will be Rapid Refill’s eCommerce Strategic Partner, with the franchise stating that the partnership between the two will “advance their world class local customer service into the online channel”, particularly in regards to its “merchandising and store systems”.

The franchise added that its “suite of print solutions” and service bonuses such as “customer value and convenience” will be extended to its online customers, with Classy Llama chosen because it “enables the company to execute its digital commerce strategies with speed and agility”, and the cloud technology used will provide “operational efficiencies and better economics”.

With the help of Classy Llama, Rapid Refill states that it will be able to “effectively manage multiple sites across geographies and channels for its franchise owners”, with the sharing of customer data, intelligence and content helping the franchise understand its customers and how best to serve their consumable needs. The franchise’s same day business delivery service is expected to be an integral function that will be expanded through the deal.

Jason Block, President of Rapid Refill, stated: “We’re excited to partner with Classy Llama to bring a best in class online solution to market for our franchisees. Our franchisees are delivering world-class service to customers every day, both in-store and through direct business service. We want to bring that same level of service to the web. Our same day business delivery is simply the best offering in the marketplace and Classy Llama is going to help us bring it to life.”

Kurt Theobald, CEO of Classy Llama, added: “Rapid Refill has all of the right components to be wildly successful in the online space: Great products, a great team, a large customer base, and an expansive and growing brick and mortar presence. We feel privileged to support their organization in delivering their unique value online as their eCommerce agency of account.

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