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Raft of new seizure orders in US

February 23, 2016

Eight more seizure-and-forfeiture orders were issued in the US to aftermarket companies, after 11 orders in January.cbp

The most recent eight orders were all issued by the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) on 18 February, and were sent out after the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency discovered that the companies were attempting to import either inkjet or toner cartridges into the USA that violated previously issued General Exclusion Orders (GEOs) handed down by the USITC.

Among the companies handed orders this month were: Appearances International; Blue Planet Trading; Elmart Inc.; MC Max, LLC; OW Supplies Corp.; Topmay Inc.; and US Inker Technology. The orders were issued concerning two GEOs won by HP in 2011 – 337-TA-723 and 337-TA-691 – Epson in 2007 (337-TA-565), and Canon’s dongle gear GEO, 337-TA-918.

Back in January, 11 other orders were issued by the USITC, to companies including: Smart and Easy Corp.; Appearances International; BCMY Corp.; Electric Zone Inc.; Ninestar; Prime Depot; and Smart A Inc. These also related to the Canon dongle gear GEO, the Epson ‘565 GEO, the HP ‘691 and ‘723 GEOs and Lexmark’s 337-TA-740 GEO, awarded in 2011.

60 had been issued during 2015, which patent lawyer Helen Duan noted in her REMCON presentation at last month’s Remanexpo@Paperworld 2016. Other orders were handed out in December 2015, including an order against Amazon, while one company received three orders in November 2015. Baiksan was also handed an order in October 2015, as were Clover and Amazon.

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