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QMC and PrintReleaf join forces

May 10, 2018

The QMC Group – a consortium of printers located in upstate New York near Syracuse – has partnered with PrintReleaf.  

Specialising in marketing automation, the QMC Group provides clients with multichannel marketing solutions including email marketing, digital marketing, direct mail and graphic design solutions executed in both digital and conventional formats.  

By partnering with PrintReleaf, the QMC Group provides customers with the option to have trees planted equivalent to the paper used in their marketing project, thus ensuring their print job is, at a minimum, tree-neutral, if not tree-positive.

Commenting on the partnership, QMC Group President and CFO Thomas Quartier said: “The QMC Group has a long heritage of environmental responsibility in our day-to-day operations.  We have partnered with PrintReleaf because we believe their reforestation standard provides the greatest environmental value.  Now we can offer our clients the opportunity to make their projects even more eco-friendly.”  

PrintReleaf CEO and Founder Jordan Darragh also commented: “We are pleased to partner with the QMC Group and make reforestation convenient for their customers.  With PrintReleaf, QMC Group clients can select certified PrintReleaf reforestation and plant trees in any of seven different areas of the world that have undergone extensive deforestation.”

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