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Q2 speaks out about tariffs

May 21, 2019

Despite holding talks to avoid escalating the trade dispute, the US president declared new tariffs on further billions of Chinese goods.

A day after the US ramped up duties on a range of imports, China responded with its own tariffs on US imports.

After OEM responded last week, with Ricoh announcing a move of production to Thailand of its printers destined for the US market and other OEMs saying they are monitoring the situation, aftermarket company Q2 has taken to Social Media to assure customers.

The message read: “We want to assure you that Q2 is on top of the potential Chinese tariff implementation that may affect our industry. We are monitoring the situation closely and are considering what options are available.”

“As soon as we have more information we will pass it on to you. Please know we will do what we can to support you by minimising any potential consequences caused by new tariffs on products for our industry”, the company added.

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