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Promax demonstrate ProFill Mini Oven at Remanexpo 2012

February 28, 2012

First seen at the Paperworld exhibition.

Promax Imaging unveiled its new ProFill Mini Oven at Remanexpo Frankfurt 2012, intended to introduce industrial sized vacuum technology into a more compact environment.

The vacuum oven is utilised at the last stage of the cartridge cleaning process and will ensure a dry sponge before refilling, stating that centrifuge use will retain a small amount of moisture. The ProFill Mini Oven allows for easier refilling whilst lowering the risk of overfill.

Other features of the ProFill Mini Oven include prevention of sponge hardening; ease of installation and the capacity to dry up to 60 cartridges in just over one hour.

The company stated at the exhibition that the vacuum drying technology has existed for 10 years although has been confined to industrial devices and sizes, and cost between £6,000 ($9,516/€70,80) and £8,000 ($12,688/€9,440).

The company also extoled the ProFill Mini Oven as smaller, quieter and affordable. The device was also stated to have monetary benefits, with refillers able to provide customers with quicker refills.

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